Why Consulting with a Professional Makes Sense

Use Net Promoter Scores To Fix These Elements Of Your Business

Are you familiar with net promoter and how net promoter scores can affect a business? If not, take a look at this list of ways that net promoter can help business leaders to overcome challenges.

The net promoter customer loyalty metric includes a basic survey with a 0 to 10 scale of recommendation strength for respondents. By pushing loyalty scores up toward the higher end of the spectrum, companies are enhancing their brand loyalty and improving their predictive results over time.

Your People

One way that net promoter scores can help is to clue leaders in on how good customer service is at a business, and how customers feel about staff. A friendly staff is essential for almost any kind of business—and across the board, poor interactions between staffing customers can greatly reduce business profits. A recommendation trend might show you how one or more of your staffers is having these negative interactions, so that you can fix this problem and move on.

Your Products

Net promoter scores can also show companies how products are being received. Along with other forms of product research such as beta testing, net promoter scores can work well to actually show the results in a production environment, where services and products get delivered to customers. Many companies use net promoter scores this way, and innovate towards greater success.

Your Buildings and Locations

For bricks and mortar companies such as retail stores, net promoter can also show how comfortable customers are with a set of business locations. Premises loyalty is in major aspect of the success of a chain or larger business. It's important that facilities are welcoming, clean and modern looking, and any sort of liability in this area can be exposed by net promoter scores that are less than stellar.

Account Handling

For service companies, net promoter scores can revolve around account handling.

Once service companies have customers signed up, they can face challenges in managing their financial accounts. Delivering services can be fairly consistent, but if customers face challenges with billing, or challenges in dealing with billing concerns, their loyalty will plummet. This will often be reflected on net promoter scores as frustrated customers tell companies why they don't trust them anymore.

Ask net promoter consultants (such as Quality Solutions, Inc.) about all of these factors in how recommendations may be used improve a business and protect business owners from different kinds of uncompetitive situations.