Why Consulting with a Professional Makes Sense

How To Select The Right Applicant To Hire

If you will have an important job opening available within your company in the near future because someone is leaving, you will want to get the position filled quickly so the flow of your company procedures will continue without incident. The future of the employee you select is often indicated by their past performance. Because of this, selecting someone with the proper credentials is very important. Here are some points to consider when deciding who to hire for the job opening.

Listen For Clues

Most companies will hold interviews when filling an important position. While it gets tedious to talk to many applicants, it is one of the most important parts of the process. Listening to what a potential employee has to say during the interview can clue you in on their past performance. Ask about each applicant's achievements and listen to the tone they use when discussing them with you. You can often tell if an employee is excited about their accomplishments. This will often make them a good candidate for the position as it shows they have pride in their work.

Conduct Background Checks

One of the best ways to find out if an employee is the right fit for the job is to have background checks conducted to find out about their past. An employment screening company can check to find out if applicants have any criminal history that they have not disclosed during the interview process. This information is crucial when hiring, as you are putting your other employees and your company at risk by hiring someone who has acted maliciously in the past.

Do Drug Testing

Make it a priority to have each applicant drug tested before making a decision on who to hire. Most drug tests will show any trace of illegal and prescription drugs in a person's system, including several months prior depending on the test you select. This information will help you decide if a person is capable of conducting themselves in a professional manner within your corporation or if they are a risk to hire.

Be A Little Sneaky

When you place an advertisement online or in a newspaper looking for a candidate for your job, indicate that you would like to see a code word or phrase incorporated in the cover letter you receive. If you receive resumes without this information on the cover letter, you will know that the candidate did not follow directions, making them someone who did not pay attention to detail. Many companies are now using this trick to screen applicants so they are not inundated with too many resumes to look through.